Executive Director Essentials: Risk Management & Insurance Coverage

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With all of the details associated with your role as the chief staff executive, do you sometimes feel that the nuances associated with copyright and trademark are unclear or foggy?  Do you ever sit in a meeting and feel cloudy about the types of insurance coverage your association may need to consider?

This session is designed to provide busy Executive Directors with a broad overview and refresher of various aspects of risk management.

Topics include:

o   Copyright (filings, designations)
o   Trademarks (filings, designations)
o   Protecting your association’s intellectual property
o   Insurances – coverage descriptions and how they relate to your association needs

The AH Executive Director Essential classes are delivered by experienced association executives who will share information in an easy to relate to fashion. The sessions do not provide official legal or insurance advice, rather just necessary information so you will feel more confident in being able to ask the right questions related to either risk management or insurance coverage.