An Association's Guide to Digital and Content Marketing

Social Retargeting! Influencer marketing! Do these fancy-schmancy marketing buzzwords even apply to associations? Yes, yes they do. In this one-hour session, you'll discover the exciting range of low-cost and highly effective marketing options available to association marketers, as well as some basic techniques for tapping into today's trendiest marketing. From membership marketing to conference registrations, learn how to leverage today's digital and content marketing tools for your organization. 

Participants will:

  • Understand digital and content marketing trends and how they apply to associations
  • Be able to identify content assets to apply to marketing efforts
  • Know how to optimize content for search engines (SEO)
  • Know how to use social media advertising for prospecting and retargeting
  • Understand the basics of influencer marketing

Presented by:

  • Sarah Black, MS, Senior MarCom Manager
  • Jon Kinsella, Senior Marketing¬†Strategy Manager

Duration: 1 hour

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